Mission Products Team Tech driven business
Relentlessly Improving

We offer lots of good opportunities for Developers and Designers who has Full stack mindset. We believe on relentless evolution on developing our services, teams and people.

Full stack

For us, being full stack means that we take full ownership of driving business value. That also means that we want to minimize the handovers inside the team and across the teams.

With over 2,5 millions weekly users, we connect with every second Finnish citizen. That means high standard for user experience, availability and technical performance in our services.​

If you have ambition for Node.js, React and AWS, we will provide an environment where you can polish these skills even further.

Seiska is an entertainment- focused website, a peeking window behind celebrity scenes through videos, photo galleries and blogs.
Suomi24 is the biggest Finnish social media platform, it is well-known, emotional, open-minded micro community service where one can find help, support, or simply entertainment.
Treffit24 is the largest Finnish dating service where one can find a life partner, a hookup... or maybe just a friend.
How we work​

Teams are relentlessly improving technology, ways of working and developing skills. We use 10% of our worktime to hack and learning new stuff​.

We are part of the Nordic organization with over 100 co-developers and designers in 4 countries and in 5 offices.​

Our environment will provide interesting opportunities and projects to keep our staff inspired​.

People-driven Tech

Aller Media’s development teams follow self-guidance principle and based on this, they have a great possibility to make the best technology decisions and innovations independently. Our teams are empowered to take leadership of their own projects through minimum amount of stakeholders.

Few brave ones:
Juha K.
Juha K.
"The manager" for our teams. Least technical person but helping people and teams to make best of it.
Anastasia R.
Anastasia R.
Anastasia is our Front-ender a.k.a Jack of all trades - Scrum Master, GTM&GA Specialist, photographer, dog-lover, vegetarian...
Mikko T.
Mikko T.
Mikko is the Technology lead, likes technology (which is a good thing) and tries to figure out the future.
Alice B.
Alice B.
Alice is a Full stack designer, seldom wears black, and likes coffee in every fashion except as a drink.